Makin’ It Happen

Have you seen “Yo Momma” on MTV? If you haven’t it’s a show hosted by Wilmer Valderama, that travels around the country and has contestants go at eachother with yo momma jokes. So the main host is Mr. Valderama, but he has two co-hosts who help him judge the competition. One of his co-hosts is an old friend who I haven’t seen in years, Jason. Very wierd to see someone you used to roll around with on television. When I saw this guy on tv it got me thinking. I was psyched for him. He wanted to be in entertainment and made it happen for himself. Originally he got into radio. He started out on a smaller time radio station, 99.1 I think, in the middle of the night. I remember listening to his first show waiting for him to shout out Faith Skateboards, a little “company” we were doing in high school.

The point isn’t to give the dude’s history, but to point out what I think he had going for him. Jason always asked for what he wanted. Always. It’s funny. We had conversations about how Jason was always the one who ended up getting hooked up with stuff. Now I am talking about rolling around with a crew of kids that had no money. So the hook up was a serious topic of concern. Perfect example. Mike Santarossa was at a demo in Whittier. Mike Santarossa was a pretty big pro for Prime Skateboards. Switch three flips? Product toss. I am sitting on the curb watching this go down, avoiding the melee and probably thinking I was somehow above participation in such an event. I was pushing product not begging for it! What an idiot. But Jason wants this gear, just like I did, and he’s going to get it. But he doesnt’ jump in the crowd. Jason stands behind the bunch, makes eye contact with Mike Santarosa, and gives him a “what up?” look. Tees get tossed directly to him. Damn. Just one example. Point is, dude asked for what he wanted and it worked.very often.

Jason, I doubt you will ever read this, but if you do, I’m happy for you. Hope you’re getting what you wanted.


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