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Event of the Year

Make sure your mark ass is there…. Did you see the part about open bar? Brevi performance? DJ Instro-Mental? Smitty Rok? Get with the fresh shit!

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YOUTUBE – booooooo

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed an absurd amount of skate videos missing music? It’s funny (actually not) but watching skate videos with no music absolutely sucks. It ALMOST makes me want to go and BUY skate … Continue reading

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Serious Productions – Low Pro Hero

I’ll make this intro short – Skotty Skillz aka The Beard of Nails aka TRON the man behind Serious Productions is about to put you on game. Skillz has been doing his thing for so long… creating progressive beats on … Continue reading

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Brevi In Arize Magazine

Don’t Sleep

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Arto Saari Mind Field

CLICK HERE now before it’s pulled. Sorry AWS

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I’m gonna have to say that one of my personal, all time favorite video parts was Jeron’s part from FTC’s FInally video. It’s just one fo those parts that came together perfectly – Short, Tech, Great song and trick selection, … Continue reading

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Loading ‘Em Up

Trolling for the new Cliche vid on the tube and found this: Lucas Puig and Friends. Yeah France. Not sure I can explain this one. But the lesson, I guess, is yet again DONT HIT A WOMAN. Even on a … Continue reading

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Never Hit a Woman

Especially this one…

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Spoken While Smokin’

Dom B had an idea the other day. It was actually a stoney idea. So here it is in all its beauty – “Spoken While Smokin’”. I’m sure you can figure it out. These are phrases and thoughts made while… … Continue reading

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RIP Jeremy Lusk

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Family.

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