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Serious Productions – Low Pro Hero

I’ll make this intro short – Skotty Skillz aka The Beard of Nails aka TRON the man behind Serious Productions is about to put you on game. Skillz has been doing his thing for so long… creating progressive beats on … Continue reading

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The Duster limited edition deck is FINALLY in. We’ve waited a long time for this one to come out. Only 50 off the press. Good luck getting one! (Dusty Black Book Sketch)

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New Category! — MUSIC

So we’re sparking off a new category on the site. What better way to kick it off than with some good ‘ol fashion WU! Ghost, Raekwon, Capa……………

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So I’m driving down the street in Santa Monica and I see this stylish ass dude blasting down the sidewalk carving like he was seriously “Sidewalk surfing”. Oh wait a minute, is that…? Now way! I think that’s… yup, it’s … Continue reading

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Dayum! Don’t Front!!!

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Skaters of Color

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Your Grandma Ain’t Gangsta!

This photo is courtesy of big Smits Uno. I don’t know what makes this old lady more gangsta, either the fact that she was rocking this pieced out jacket or that she tried to sell it to me?

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