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Love It

I was skating some manual pads on Saturday.  Saturday was cooking here in socal.  Parked in the parking lot is a stretched Lincoln Navigator limo.  Dude was chilling there for probably a half hour as I was pushing around.  Like … Continue reading

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I ran into Jason Dill on the bus one time back in the very early nineties while coming home from Huntington Beach high school to Whittier. This was when you would chat with any of the tiny group of skateboarders … Continue reading

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Bastien Salabanzi

In case you don’t know… Basiten is back! He’ll be repping Jart Skateboards. Word Up!

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Your Grandma Ain’t Gangsta!

This photo is courtesy of big Smits Uno. I don’t know what makes this old lady more gangsta, either the fact that she was rocking this pieced out jacket or that she tried to sell it to me?

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Clazy Japanese

For the record, we have nothing against the Japanese people.

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Come on Nippon

At Tim’s 30th birthday bash this clip was heavily discussed. Apparently the Japanese are about 70 years behind when it comes to attitudes on wearing blackface, but only 25 years behind in musical taste. -Dom B

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Back To It

Where’ve I been?  In the library and in traffic.  Sick.  But I’m back to it.  No slipping. Tim is now 30.  What a lame ass. What did we do for Tim’s birthday?  Skated a tiny bench.  Might as well be … Continue reading

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