Welcome to Artform Skate…

Welcome to Artform Skate…

For the time being we are not posting here anymore. But feel free to thumb around the site and enjoy some of our history. If this is your first time to the site here is a little bit of our background.

Artform, formed in 1998 as a skateboard company in the Los Angeles area. Over the years Artform positioned itself as a pioneer in the cross -over between skateboarding and early street art culture. Artform had the honor of sponsoring great skateboarders & artists, working with tons of local stores across the US & abroad, as well as hosting a wide range of art/music shows all the while producing unique products.

In 2007 Artform decided to step away from the skateboard and apparel market to focus it’s efforts on running this here blog ArtformSkate. Continuing on with the tradition of spearheading unchartered territory, the Artform team went to work documenting the culture through reviews, write-ups and interviews. In 2012 ArtformSkate went off of wordpress to a few different sites – primarily ArtformLife, which was put to rest in 2016 (note: content from that stretch of time has been lost into the internet vortex, sorry).

Throughout its history Artform has never ceased to continue to produce small runs of products from collabs with local artists or limited edition apparel pieces for the crew. In Spring of 2016 Artform rebranded itself under the new moniker RT4M (pronounced Artform). Visit the new site at www.RT4M.com.

Much Love and Respect to all those that have contributed to the Artform over the years.

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Koston Epicly Later’d

In case you haven’t heard or seen – go watch Koston on Epicly Later’d. Keep up the stellar work O’dell. Solid!

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Style Defined

Here it is kiddies – observe and learn

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Young De & Brevi Live @ On The Rox July 26th

We’ve been big advocate of these two. Demrick and Brevi ready to kill $#!t – Watch live on www.Breal.TV. Go get ’em!

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WOW! El-Producto comes through with a banger of a video & track. $#!T is Bananas for real…

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GAMO – Mouse

WHen at a loss for content to post, go back to the classics. Luv this Guy!

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Peep us on Instagram @rt4mlife

Come follow us. I swear we’re tight…

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“My Bitch” – 50Cent & BREVI

50Cent Recently released the free mixtape Murder By Numbers with the standout track “Be My Bitch” with BREVI. Peep the Remix and the original below. Go Brevi go!

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Brevi Interview @ Crappy Awesome Podcast

Artform Fam BREVI drops a killer interview with the Crappy Awesome Podcast crew. Peep the interview here and pop on over to www.CrappyAwesome.com for more info. GO BREV!



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Skachelor Party Maddness

That’s right folks – big James Crosby aka killah Croz is coming down for a weekend of Mayhem.
So if you want to come find yourself face down in a gutter somewhere in Hollywood, we’ll be hitting the streets this Friday and Saturday – just look for the group of struggling old skater!

The Bachelor

Congrats big man!

Follow our adventures on INSTAGRAM @ArtformLA

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