“My Bitch” – 50Cent & BREVI

50Cent Recently released the free mixtape Murder By Numbers with the standout track “Be My Bitch” with BREVI. Peep the Remix and the original below. Go Brevi go!

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Brevi Interview @ Crappy Awesome Podcast

Artform Fam BREVI drops a killer interview with the Crappy Awesome Podcast crew. Peep the interview here and pop on over to www.CrappyAwesome.com for more info. GO BREV!



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Skachelor Party Maddness

That’s right folks – big James Crosby aka killah Croz is coming down for a weekend of Mayhem.
So if you want to come find yourself face down in a gutter somewhere in Hollywood, we’ll be hitting the streets this Friday and Saturday – just look for the group of struggling old skater!

The Bachelor

Congrats big man!

Follow our adventures on INSTAGRAM @ArtformLA

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Ben Allen – Hella Yeah

THat’s right. Gnome pig up in this pistola. Good enough for Hella CLips, good enough for us…

GO ben go!

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Paulo Diaz

Paulo is one of skateboardings most enigmatic characters. Always amazing and always on his own path. Artform member Jamel Robinson had the recent pleasure of chilling with Paulo and posted this footy. Peace to the Gods…

See more of Pauo over at 48Blocks

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RIP Adam Yauch – aka M.C.A

If you grew up as a skateboarder, punk rocker and/or hip-hopper in the 80’s early 90’s, then this one hits home. Beastie Boys are king and their music lives on… M.C.A’s loss is definitely felt here at AF. You will be missed. Thanks for the epic raddness and dress code!

Homework: Go watch Mike Carrol in Questionable Video (Plan B) introducing Beasties in a Big Way!

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“Everybody C’mon” Damani ft Brevi

Damani doin it Big. Brevi back in the mix. And you don’t stop…!

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