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Engine Room Party – Via YEM AM7

For those that were fortunate enough to go to the event this past Friday night, you know what I mean when I say this party was DOPE!. THose that couldn’t make it, here are some flicks of what you missed … Continue reading

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Low Pro Hero – George Jadelrab

  In the skate world these days, we don’t really seem to be cranking out many True Skool Skate Rats. Most of the kids these days are mark ass punks who will be gone once their girlfriend tells them to … Continue reading

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New Category! — MUSIC

So we’re sparking off a new category on the site. What better way to kick it off than with some good ‘ol fashion WU! Ghost, Raekwon, Capa……………

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So I’m driving down the street in Santa Monica and I see this stylish ass dude blasting down the sidewalk carving like he was seriously “Sidewalk surfing”. Oh wait a minute, is that…? Now way! I think that’s… yup, it’s … Continue reading

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New Shop in Town

If any of y’all are in the Alhambra area stop by the homie Alex’ shop. It’s called KMS – Kindred Motor Sports”. Yeah, that’s right it’s a car shop and skate shop all wrapped into one. It’s on Alhambra Rd … Continue reading

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Smits Gone Official

Low Pro Hero himself big Smits Uno 40T has made the move from New York to Hollywood. I’m sure you’ll be seeing him around!

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Your Grandma Ain’t Gangsta!

This photo is courtesy of big Smits Uno. I don’t know what makes this old lady more gangsta, either the fact that she was rocking this pieced out jacket or that she tried to sell it to me?

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