Free Mixtape: Aer – Water On The Moon


If you’re looking for that breath of fresh air within the alternative/reggae niche, you’ve got some coming to you. Aer is the Massachusetts bred duo challenging the musical norm established by similar successes, Slightly Stoopid. Blending alternative reggae influences with curious hints of electronic and hip-hop, Aer has taken their music to the next level. There’s only one way to put this, Aer is destined for industry success, and as soon as you catch a listen you’ll understand why.

Their recent mix tape dropped months ago, yet it still gets heavy rotation in the personal musical cache. The title track, “Water On The Moon,” is an inviting summer evening anthem that will leave you hanging on to those last days of summer. Here’s the soundtrack to close out another great summer.

Lounge session approved.

Aer – Water On The Moon (Free Mixtape) [Click To Download]

Kevin Piaskowski

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