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12 Pack Killers Video (circa early 00's)

This one goes waaay back. Teo from the 12 Pk Killers shot this our way. Unfortunately youtube pulled the track off of Wally’s part. So put your favorite jam on and enjoy!

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Vote Tony Karr!!!!!

Log your lazy ass onto elementskateboards.com and vote for one of Los Angeles’ natives!

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Jeremie Rogers

In skateboarding people are so afraid to call it like they see it. Fortunately for Jeremie Rogers, in the world of Rap music it’s the same deal. However, we here at Artform refuse to let anyone off the hook. Jeremie, … Continue reading

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Low Pro Hero – George Jadelrab

  In the skate world these days, we don’t really seem to be cranking out many True Skool Skate Rats. Most of the kids these days are mark ass punks who will be gone once their girlfriend tells them to … Continue reading

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We Get Around!!!

Damn…This one is a Long Long Long time coming. I think we filmed this in the summer of 2006. It started out as a 12 pack killers video and somehow morphed into a full blown Hollywood Crew video. Now we … Continue reading

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The Duster limited edition deck is FINALLY in. We’ve waited a long time for this one to come out. Only 50 off the press. Good luck getting one! (Dusty Black Book Sketch)

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So I’m driving down the street in Santa Monica and I see this stylish ass dude blasting down the sidewalk carving like he was seriously “Sidewalk surfing”. Oh wait a minute, is that…? Now way! I think that’s… yup, it’s … Continue reading

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New Shop in Town

If any of y’all are in the Alhambra area stop by the homie Alex’ shop. It’s called KMS – Kindred Motor Sports”. Yeah, that’s right it’s a car shop and skate shop all wrapped into one. It’s on Alhambra Rd … Continue reading

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Smits Gone Official

Low Pro Hero himself big Smits Uno 40T has made the move from New York to Hollywood. I’m sure you’ll be seeing him around!

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New Batch Coming Up!

FInd us in about 4 weeks. We’ll have some hot shit ready to skate!

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