Hopefully many of you are following the events at the Occuppy Protests around this little nation of ours. I had the opportunity to spend an evening on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall with the Occupy L.A. group. In my humble estimation the criticism of the movements as unfocused or without a goal are simple and unfounded. It is very true that goals are being worked out, however, the general goal is to achieve an equitable treatment, and a thoughtful and vocal representation, of the people, of the 99%, in financial policy.

The looseness of this “goal” allows for the movement to work with and support other movements of the 99% (i.e. worker’s rights, student movements, immigration reform movements, etc.). The feeling at Occupy L.A. was intensely peaceful, respectful of opinions, welcoming and thoughtful. I encourage all of you to follow these movements, support them as you see fit, participate in them (you can have a hand in shaping their voice), and if nothing else visit and see it for yourself.

Our dear friend Hannah Appel is in N.Y.C. and has spent some time at Occupy Wall Street. She is a thoughtful writer. Check our her thoughts here.


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