Music Monday: Joker – Back In The Days

Joker has been producing some of the freshest, most innovative instrumentals in the UK grime genre for years. His productions have been equally embraced by the dubstep community and he’s seen as a leading influence in keeping dubstep at its core, before it exploded in a world wide phenomenon. Joker hails from the city of Bristol UK, what people have come to know as the birthplace of dubstep. While dubstep has expanded and changed throughout the year, Joker has been perfecting the sound that he has always represented and promoted.
Later this month, Joker will be releasing his first full-length album, that he has put years of time and effort into. Scope this music video as a preview for what to expect from the album. The video features UK rappers, Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz, and Double on vocals. The speed and diversity of UK rappers is pretty impressive to say the least, especially over such a grimy beat.


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