George Jadelrab Has A Golden State Of Mind

The quiet kid in the back chewing on candy is all grown up and has splashed onto the skate scene with a new video showing love to his city and crew in a big way. Golden State of Mind features Lavar McBride, Larry Redmon, Cameron Bohannon, Richard Jefferson and George. For those who don’t know… George Jadelrab is a true skool SF skate head and fixture at 3rd n Army. George has always been a tight homie, down to skate anywhere (even if a ledge wasn’t in sight) and anytime (ie – Pasadena at 3am). In this day of mass commercialism I find it hyper refreshing to see the younger generation carrying the torch and making skate videos for skaters. Keep on Keeping on G-Rab and see you in the Hood…

AF: Can you give us a brief bio? Name and City of Residence, How long you been skating, Occupation?

My name is George Jadelrab and I live in Daly City CA (just outside of San Francisco). I’ve been skating for about 14. I started skating when I was 12 and I haven’t stopped since. I grew up skating in San Francisco and it has really influenced who I am today.

AF: How did the Golden State of Mind project come about?

I wanted to make a fun video with friends that could accurately depict the skateboard scene where I skate in San Francisco. But, with a bigger goal of making something that we could all look back on years from now and reflect on all the memories and good times that skateboarding brought us.

AF: Was the roster of skaters featured in the video always in place? How did you decide who would get parts? I know a bunch of these dudes are long-term homies.

Yea the roster was pretty much a natural thing. Its not like we sat down and planned out who would get a part and who wouldn’t. We all were really close from forever and it was a no brainer that Larry, Cameron, Richard and myself would have parts. It is the same roster from a video that Cameron Bohannon did a few years ago called “Product of the Bay”. We kind of joked that this was the sequel.
We had all known and looked up to Lavar and we really wanted to have him down with us. Seeing that the theme of the video was to feature people who were native to the San Francisco Bay Area it would only be appropriate to have one of SF’s most beloved skaters, Lavar McBride, be down with the project.

AF: How long did the project take?

The project took about 9 months in whole. Most of the footage was filmed during those 9 months with an exception of a small percentage that was older that we had been sitting on.

AF: What did you film on? Edit on?

Most of the video was filmed by Big Pauly Harper, Myself, Thai Phan Quang and Carlo Pelaez. The video was filmed with VX and DSLR cameras. Most of the skateboarding was filmed with VX and all of the b-roll/ intro shots / second angles were filmed using the DSLR’s in HD.
I edited the video on my MacBook, not the “MacBook Pro” but just the plain “MacBook”… which made it challenging at times. I used Adobe Premier Pro CS5 to edit the actual video, which was also challenging because not as many people use it so it was hard to get the help I needed.

AF: What was it like working with Lavar?

Lavar is the man and he was down from the get. Originally we were just trying to see if we could film something for the montage or a mini part but eventually it just turned into a full part. He is really talented and a lot of people don’t fully realize that he can do anything that he wants on a skateboard. He’s really fun to watch. The things that he could do first and second try fresh out the car were just amazing.

AF: Is this your favorite Lavar McBride part now?

His part in “Golden State of Mind” is definitely one of my favorite Lavar parts and doesn’t disappoint. But his part in “Trilogy” will always be hands down my all time favorite skate part.

AF: What was your goal when you decided to produce Golden State of Mind? Was it just a homie vid that grew or did you intend on making a video to sell to the public?

It was totally just a homies video from the beginning. After I put out a one-minute promo in April, we started to get some really positive feedback. It made me think that people would really want to see this video. That really pushed us to work that much harder and make it something that no matter where you were from in the skate world people would respect it. I really just wanted to put a positive and accurate depiction of San Francisco skateboarding and what it’s like out here.

AF: Do you think its possible to make money, or even break even, on an indie skate video these days?

The thing about it is you can’t start a project like this with the intention of making money. Skateboarding is a “labor of love”, meaning that you have to truly love what you are doing to make a good product. The money isn’t there, but it’s not about money, it’s about skateboarding and friends and times that you’re not going to be able to ever recreate again. My goal for “Golden State of Mind” is to let as many people as possible see the video. What good is it to make a video if no one is going to be able to see it? I’d say that we are doing a good job so far.

AF: What has the response been thus far?

We just had the premiere in SF last week and we got a really positive response. The whole city was in attendance. It was at a place called SOM Bar in San Francisco’s Mission district. The club was at capacity with a line of people waiting to get in. And when the video played the response was amazing, really positive. The crowd was definitely feeling the video. And we are really grateful for such a positive turn out.

AF: Now some SF/Bay Area questions:

Gotta ask, you still skate at 3rd and Army daily?

Hahahah Yes I do. I skate there almost everyday after work. It’s still my favorite place to skate in the city.

AF: How have you seen the SF Bay Area scene change over the years?

To be honest, the scene hasn’t changed that much. People and spots come and go but the skating and the vibes stay the same. SF is a skate city. There is so much to skate and everybody is friendly. For better or worse, you rarely go to a spot and find yourself alone. It feels like one big skateboarding family where everyone knows each other.

AF: What spots are running right now? Where are people skating?

Well the library just got shut down. That was the best spot but it was only a matter of time before they capped that again. There are the old standby spots; third and army, the island… but there are tons of new spots around the city that just keep popping up. I’m not going to put any on blast but there are definitely spots out here.

AF: What are you up to these days?

I’m pretty much doing the same thing I’ve always done; work and skate. It’s the formula. I want to do some more traveling this year, maybe get down to LA and visit you and Tim.

AF: Any intention/desire to get another video project in the works?

Yea I would like to do another video eventually. Videos take a lot of time and dedication. I think I’ll chill out and just skate for a bit, but eventually probably make another video.


Golden State of Mind Video from GoldenStateofMindVideo on Vimeo.

All photos by: Pauly Harper and Thai Phan Quang

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