Pulling Me Back In

I spent years and years with music on the brain constantly.  New and old music, but new music in particular.  Then I kind of stopped paying attention. Just listened to older stuff.  Music I already loved.  Went through a phase where I really wanted to listen to old artists.  Guys and Gals who’d been making music for years and years.  I found that the music and the  lyrics got simpler and simpler and I still really feel the straightforwardness of this type of approach.

Last few months I’ve found myself surrounded by new music again.   Been  loving it.  So this morning Gimmar played me a couple videos that are preeeeeeeeeeeetty rad.  Though I’d share.

No Age x Todd Cole: Inforescence

Bon Iver: For Emma Acapella

This concept is bonkers. Baniscuits.
Skrillex: First of the Year

PS. Finishing up an interview with George Jadelrab today. Check back tomorrow.

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