Friday 7:28 pm.

Been a minute. By a minute I mean….years? Maybe.

Skating has been so fun lately. When everything else fails, skating with the buddies is a bet.

Quick notes:
Danny’s show was good all around. Mean it. Not only Danny’s stuff (which I stared at up close trying to make myself believe he had truly done it by hand, just like the last time I saw it), but the majority of the other artist showing were really good. Really interesting, which is a difficult feat to pull off when you have old, jaded eyes like mine inspecting.

Feels good to learn a new trick. 20 plus years in especially.

Low impact skating is still skating.

Brandon Westgate is a beast. If there is anyone out there who even kind of, sort of, barely, just a little bit hated………………………………you’re dumb. For real. Tackling those hills like the son of Coco Santiago. Kid rules.

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