GOSK8 Video Contest

It’s time for you to grab your iPhone, video camera, and friends and get off the couch and onto the streets. You’ve already seen Erik Ellington and Geoff Rowley Battle it out in a game of GOSK8 now its time to show us what you got. Upload a video of you playing GOSK8 solo or with your friends, send us the link, and get a chance to win some sick prizes from Flip.

1st Place – Flip deck, t-shirt and stickers
2nd Place – Flip deck
3rd Place – Flip t-shirt, and stickers

All three videos will also be placed on our website.

Terms and Condition
Many will enter and compete in the contest, but there can only be three winners. Judging will be based on trick/level difficulty and video production/presentation, so bring your best.

All entrants must have the GOSK8 iPhone application, which is available on iTunes and submitted videos must show the trick on your iPhone before the trick is attempted.

Contest begins October 15th and ends November 15th 2009.

Footage MUST be continuous and videos need to be uploaded to youtube with the link sent to the info@gosk8app.com email.

Emails must be sent via a valid address with contestants shipping/mailing address included in the email.

About Artform

"One Day at a Time"
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