The current state of things…

It is so hard to keep up a blog. I mean, it’s hard enough to find the time to skate and paint. From Dom B close to disappearing and 95% of the AF heads in steady life mode, sometimes this blog doesn’t get the love it deserves. Plus, who wants to read the same bullshit “news” that 100 other blog sites are posting anyways? Not me and not you.

When I came up for the concept of this crew turned skate co turned blog ten years ago, I never imagined it’d have the journey it had. But the times are a changin’ and nothing gold can stay. It’s said the only constant is change and what’s better than a little change to shake things up at times?

So as the official Warlord of this camp, I’m gonna move some furniture around here and switch things up a bit. Hit the pavement. Whose coming with me…?

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"One Day at a Time"
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1 Response to The current state of things…

  1. flaco says:

    keep it coming holmes. you still got some of the og’s to read about the local events, and to know what to hit up. On that note, off to skate.

    Peace, skate or don’t!

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