Paulo Diaz

I guess Paulo Diaz is in jail and might get deported. His sister sent this to the homie Ceasar:
Below is the sample letter please send me a copy of your passport with it. Whoever writes a letter must included a copy of their passport or green card. Thank you again for all your help.

Thank you,


[city],[state] [zip code]
[telephone number]

Immigration Judge
Phoenix, Arizona

RE: [name]

Dear Honorable Judge:

My name is [name] and I am writing this letter in support of _____________. I
am a U.S. Citizen, which you can verify by referring to the attached [birth
certificate/naturalization certificate/passport]. [if a legal permanent
resident, then attach copy of permanent resident card, front/back]. I am __yrs old
and my line of work is ___.

I have known Paulo Diaz for twenty (__) years as he is my good friend. [go on to discuss how well you know him/her, etc]

Although Mr. Diaz has recently experienced difficulty, he is surrounded by close
relatives and friends, all of whom stand ready to provide all the necessary
support for him to overcome these present times. My discussions with [name]
have convinced me that he is completely remorseful for the offenses he
committed. I am confident that [name] has put the past completely behind him
and will always be mindful that so many of his family members need him.

I ask this honorable Court to grant [name]’s application and to provide
[name] with an opportunity to provide the kind of love and support to his family
members for which we have all been accustomed.



[Print name]

Fill it out and email it to Ceasar if you want to help. This is time sensitive. We have a few more days to get all letters in. If you know Paulo or simply want to let the judge know that he needs to stay. Shoot them a letter. thanks!

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