Skate Shop Showcase 2009 – Official Press Release

“Skate Shop Showcase – A Collective of Skate Shops Joining Under One Roof for a Night of Music and Art”


Manhattan Beach, CA. (April 1st, 2009) – The “Skate Shop” holds an important place in the industry, culture, community and history of skateboarding. Skate Shops are at the forefront everyday serving as the bridge between the skateboarders and the skate industry. Skate retailers often sacrifice finances and time in and effort to keep the spirit of skateboarding alive and well on the streets. For many years Skate Shops have served as the central hub for skate culture through supporting brands, skaters, media, artists and musicians.

The focus of the Skate Shop Showcase is to have a night dedicated to the Skate Shops allowing them to do what they do best – unite the skate community through music, art and culture. The concept is simple… each store will be given a designated amount of wall space within the show. They are free to design their space however they see fit. The 2006 Skate Shop Showcase saw everything from a full-blown build-out, hanging branded merchandise, painting on the walls (acrylic and aerosol) as well as stores contributing bands, dj’s and lots more.

Tim Martinez the creator and curator of the Skate Shop Showcase had this to say, “The event was so great last time, skate shops kept asking me when the next one was happening. We tried to get it going a few times in the past but things kept popping up. Finally the time is right and everything is aligned. We can’t wait to get it going with hopes of keeping it an annual event. I am very excited that iMa got behind this whole project to make it bigger and better than I ever could have imagined. We have also created some cost efficient opportunities for brands to get involved.”

Skate Shops enlisted to be part of this years event so far are Liberty Board Shop, 2nd Nature (New York), Urban Era (Daly City), Goodtimes Skate Shop (San Antonio, TX), Non-Factory and many more to come.

Musical performances thus far include Brevi (Universal) and Ninja Academy.

The Event will take place at the newly re-modeled Hangar 1018 in Downtown Los Angeles, famous for its years of involvement with art and music events and also host to the 2006 Skate Shop Showcase event.

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