Monthly Archives: February 2009

Upright by Cutright

A while back we were skating downtown SF with our homey George and he happened to snap this flick. I always loved it… It’s pretty random how we got the boards to stay like that. Can u figure it out?

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Trinh’s Picks

That’s right y’all Seu has got his own little page over at TWS with some of his top video picks. Head over there to check it out and be sure to keep checking for updates… PEEP HERE

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Andre the Giant Has a Posse

Watch this Shepard Fairey interview on Charlie Rose. Good to remember that affecting the culture is possible.

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Phelps Out?

Something sounds fishy… April fools maybe? What’s Thrasher without Phelps? Click it

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Random III

Dan Peterka! So good.

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Logo Deck

This pic just in… One of our logo decks from a few years back.

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