Dub Tizl

That’s right, this one is straight from the Artform archive. Will Turner CASL 95 (1st place overall). Carson CA. Straight gangsta!

Flip Fakie

About Artform

"One Day at a Time"
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1 Response to Dub Tizl

  1. Paul Alderete says:

    Man that contest pic brought back some good memories Will placed 1st Robbie D. placed 1st and lastly me pauly A. got 1st at Carson, corona , long beach, san diego, we always placed either Tim M., Rob white, Rob D. Will T. Bryce, or me. Tim do you have any footoge of me at contests or anywhere back in the Faith skateboard days. I used to have all my footage on one tape and I gave it to identity boardshop before they sponsered me and then they lost it. Unbelievable I have nothing but vague memories now. Good times all the same. Email me Tim or Will.

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