Low Pro Hero – George Jadelrab

George in his natural habitat

George in his natural habitat


In the skate world these days, we don’t really seem to be cranking out many True Skool Skate Rats. Most of the kids these days are mark ass punks who will be gone once their girlfriend tells them to quit… Not George. Arab George is the pure definition of a skateboarder. He’s down for just about anything, constantly learning new tricks, has got a deep posse repping him, endures tons of verbal abuse from ignorant Americans for his nationality and his style on and off deck are what real OG’s are made of. G-Rab is slowly but surely making his name and building his rep in the pages of the Bay area history book. George took some time out to bless us with a few words. Read on, then go skate, I guarantee George is already warmed up at 3rd…

Hey George How’s life treating you up in the bay?

 I can’t really complain, it’s the best place on earth.

 Just to get things cleared up, your name is George Jadelrab… What is your nationality and give us some of the nicknames you’ve received in the past. (editors note – we’ve only known him as Arab George or George ABCDEFG)

I’m middle eastern or Arabic, Lebanese and Egyptian. Arab George, G, Arab G, Jadel-Arab, Camel Boy, Ben- ladin, Prince Ali, Osama, Osama-Dos, Jadel-Crabs, Hor-Hey, Hor… my friends are obviously real ignorant.


Switch Tailslide - Step Up
Switch Tailslide – Step Up Marks! photo:





Fill us in on how you became a fixture at 3rd and Army…

Theres not much to really tell… besides it being the best spot ever. I’ve been skatin there since they built it. I don’t know I go there like everyday, its one of the few spots in SF that you can go to and just skate for as long as you want with out nobody bothering you. I remember the first time that I went there, I think I was like 12 or 13, I was just like wow, this is like a while ago so it was hella crowed with every frisco head possible. The atmosphere was just raw and the ledges were brand new, not that many of em were even waxed up, that’s how fresh it was. I don’t know I been goin there ever since.




Tell us who some of the past and present heads area 3rd and Army and some of the illest shit you’ve seen go down there.

The main head that I always liked to watch was definitely Cameron Bohannon, he’s definitely the king of that spot… Cameron, Jeremy Loki, Larry Redmon (Low Pro Larry) , Eric Sexton, those are the true neighborhood heads, then of course you got all the more famous skaters, Henry Sanchez, the FTC and Western Edition heads, Nikhil Thayer, Brad Johnson, Ben Dotson the list goes on forever.

Hands down, the craziest thing I seen go down there was Reese Forbes’ Ollie over the wall plus the rock gap. That shit is huge, and he was tryin it for a while, he was like pushing from the very end of the spot all the way to the gap, and I seen HUF there the day before eying the same gap, but he didn’t try it, maybe cus it was too crazy I guess. Rob Welsh big spin back tail was fuckin nuts, he did  it like every try and in a line like first try. The illest was really this Japanese dude on Western who jus came through town, switch flip back tail shove it on the big ledge… dang!!!

What do you feel is the main difference between skaters that post up at 3rd and throughout the city is, if any…

Na theres not really any difference in skaters that post up at third, the only difference is geography and transportation. Third and Army is kinda located in a cutty part of the city so unless you live in the neighborhood or drive its kinda a bitch to get out there. One of the reasons why I love SF is that no matter where you skate in the city, the islands, third, the library, it’s a community, everybody knows each other.  It don’t really matter where you skate on the daily cus SF is all connected.


I know you’re reppin’ Sucka Free pretty hard these days, what’s that all about?

Sucka Free is an OG company that I started messin with a few months ago. It’s a company  from back in the days, they got the streets on lock representing all the aspects of street culture from hip hop and rap to graffiti and now their tryin to lock down the skate game. It’s a real SF company built from the ground up with quality products. The fam right now is me, Big Pauly, Caesar Rosado and Pancho Pacheco. You can check us out at http://www.SuckaFree.com and weekly at http://www.48Blocks.com/suckafree with the SuckaFreeWarmUps.


You’re originally from Daly City, what was it like when you first started to really hit the SF scene?

Well I grew up just out side the city, so we’d go to the city all the time, like with my mom and stuff and I would always see the skaters , like at Union Square or like Embarcadero. I always thought that skateboarding jus looked so cool…but the first times I actually started going to the city to skate was probably when I was really young like middle school, when I firsts started to skate I got a thrasher video and it had a lot of SF footy, that looked like it would be down by the embarcadero. So me and a homie got dropped off on the embarcadero one day, not even at a skate spot or nothing cus we didn’t really even know about that really. And we jus made our way up and ended up at Pier 7 skating everything in between, the bay blocks, metal edges… there were hella heads at every spot along the way SF was so raw back in those days. Like you just knew that skateboarding in San Francisco was just the shit.

I heard a rumor of you moving to LA to go to school? Is that happening?

Totally false!!! Bay Area for life Mayne!!!

What’s your favorite LA memory from the trips down with Matty Mumbels, Low Pro Larry and Camron?

Man…hahah… probably just Larry. That guy is just fun to be around, haha. Just like everything about him is funny even if hes not tryin to be. I really think that MTV should give him his own reality show type shit, for reals.

The quality on this video is shit… sorry, that’s how we were rollin’ back then! Camron Bohannon, Tim Martinez, Matty Mumbles, Arab George

So who are you vouching for in the bay these days? Who really holding shit down – skate, art, music, clubs, shops… fill us in on the deallio

Man on the board, definitely Larry Redmon as always, Low Pro to the core, Transplants Stephen Serrano and Jabari Pendleton are straight killin shit and Sucka Free Ceasar Rosado and Pancho Pacheco are on the come up for sure. Big Pauly Harper is killin it behind the lenze that’s for sure. As far as shops, you definitely got to check out Urban Era in Daly City, Natural’s got the peninsula on lock down. You got to check out Mighty Healthy clothing too, mightyhealthynyc.com available at finer skate shops near you… they definitely have the streets on lock.

What the future holding for Mr Jadelrab?

I couldn’t even tell you, for now I jus wanna skate and be happy..haha. I don’t know maybe learn 900’s… or strawberry tailspins…

Off into the Sunset...

Break us off with a Low Pro Hero quote:

“Always stay positive and fuck the haters”

Thanks G!

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