We Get Around!!!

Damn…This one is a Long Long Long time coming. I think we filmed this in the summer of 2006. It started out as a 12 pack killers video and somehow morphed into a full blown Hollywood Crew video. Now we present it to you here on the Artformskate.com site. We never had a video premiere for this (unless you consider 12 guys sitting around in the homeys back yard with some cases a premiere). 

I’ll list off some names – Tim, Amok, Pretty Ric, Turen, Dirty Harris, Migy and more… This video also has the legendary Wally Serano ender ender!


About Artform

"One Day at a Time"
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3 Responses to We Get Around!!!

  1. jaime says:

    tim and wally on them killer steez.sik vid tim

  2. Ed says:

    Yeah! thanks for keeping it alive! We are invincible!

  3. Morgan says:


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