One Thing Leads to Another

Jerry Fowler made me think of old toy machine. 

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2 Responses to One Thing Leads to Another

  1. Dam, Will Turner this is Paul Alderete I was checkin out various skate companies online for my research that will get me my Masters degree in Health Science. I am in a nut shell researching the rather unknown and under researched types of health care that is available for pro’s and ams that are sponsored and how it can benefit the primary companies insurance costs and liabilities and the effect it has on the employees overall work or skate performance. I was stoked to see your kid and you on skatin the mini ramp and the wide growth of Artform skateboards.
    Catch you up with what I been doin in short, I been married for 2 years decided to go to cal state fullerton for my Bachelor’s and get the grades needed for scholarships and presently I am working and researching at UCLA and UCI to finish up my Masters and then get my PHD. Hopefully you can answer some questions about the topic. My phone number is 562-857-8468 and you know my email so dont be a stranger. Tim’s footage by the way is the sickest reminds me of Mark G.Dude like the site, but where the phone #

  2. sir jorge says:

    oh man, the old toy machine is rad; even Bam Margera’s old skate parts were good. Now they seem a bit more “artsy” than I’d like.

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