Love It

I was skating some manual pads on Saturday.  Saturday was cooking here in socal.  Parked in the parking lot is a stretched Lincoln Navigator limo.  Dude was chilling there for probably a half hour as I was pushing around.  Like I said it was hot and I was grabbing drinks of water off the sprinklers cause of course I didn’t bring anything to drink.  So the guy starts to drive off but as he is getting close to me he rolls his window down.  I’m thinking it he was going to ask directions or something.  Instead, without saying a word, he hands me an ice cold bottle of water.  I thanked him.  He nodded and rolled on out.  When does that happen?

Also.  Working on an interview with this guy for the near future.  One of my favorite skateboarders and artists in S.F.  Le Croz.

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