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What can be said about a guy that dresses better than you, skates better than you, always has better shoes than you and is cool as s#!t? Nothing…Jamel speaks for himself. The man oozes style. Jamel is a brother to all of us here at AF. From the time I met Jamel years ago, to this day, he has always stood out amongst the crowd. He is truly one of those unique individuals that exists to create and make life more beautiful to those that surround him. This guy is the pure definition of Low Pro Hero. If you ever get the chance to kick it with Jamel, your time will be well spent. We hooked up with Jamel to pick his brain a bit and to get an inside look at what drives the man.  
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Hey Jamel, what’s crackin’?  

The seals are. You know – those seals?
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What you been up to these days? Preparing for fatherhood and thanking the universe for the opportunity to be great in the eyes of a son.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

How is skateboarding treating you? 

Skateboarding is and always has been a blessing to me. 

Get out much? To skate? 

As ofter as I can – I don’t have 10hr sessions 6 days a week anymore.That has a lot to do with where I’m at in relation to the people I really enjoy skating with. I get out with my Los Angeles skate crew when our schedules allow for it.

I’d consider you a sneaker head, tell us what’s hot for 07.  

That’s funny… for as long as I’ve wornsneaks – you are the first person to officially refer to me as a “sneaker head”. As far as what’s hot… do what you like. Wear what you want. Look for comfort – style comes from within and is projected outward. I hope to see new textiles – design pushes in streamlining low-profile footwear and not making things too spacey just yet. Chic, intelligent, functionally comfortable and affordable. 

I know you’ve been shooting a lot of photos this past year, tell us a bit about how you got into it.   
I’ve been having a great time with it. The first day I started with BKLYN PROJECTS LA and Stevie Williams. I went on to meet up and spent the rest of the day with Razul Allah (Lost Children Of Babylon/Wu-Tang Killah Bee), Killah Priest (Wu-Tang/Sunz Of Man) Prodigal Sunn (Wu-Tang/Sunz Of Man), The Holocaust (Wu-Tang Killah Beez/Black Knights), Christ Apostle (Killah Bee West) and Jiggy Stars. That was a bit of name dropping but who cares. People need to be reminded. It was casual and I’m happy to have those photos.

What camera are you using? 

I bought a camera from the “Turntable Lab”. It’s a Lomo with a fisheye. I’m using it to produce a show and a book.
Fill us in on your subject matter of choice …
I love my family and family of friends worldwide. I like to look, listen and observe. 1=Knowledge, 2=wisdom, and 3=understanding. Teach the youth. “I have degrees that evaporate seas…”

You’ve been in LA for a minute, I remember meeting you years ago and you were reppin DC hard way back then.
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What’s it like being an LA transplant for so many years?  

I’m from the East Coast – living in L.A. That’s what it is. There are things born of experiences here that made it/make it worth being so far from family. My rootsare closer to me than the blood in my veins. So I’ll never be blind to the way home – get me? L.A. lead me to Marvel and many things with that friendship. For me – it’s been bitter sweet – but honest as I keep it real for myself.

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Please give us a crazy Pulaski Park story from the early nineties…

There was an Impromptu contest held there once. Mike V., Jamal Williams, Brandon Novak and Ed Templeton were there. A Powelland T.V. Tour or something. During the contest some toy decided he was gonna get up on the white wall at the fort (Pulaski). It didn’t go over well. Somehow Jim Gordy found out who the dude was and initiated him “Blood In Blood Out” Style. Only blood out though. The skate crew is more mellow there now – lots of kids ripping and reppin’ their spots and havin’ fun. Be warned though – Pulaski is what it is and it’s a crap shoot as to which police force will visit you. Just be aware of the street code – respect the spot – the spot won’t eat you.

Tell us a crazy ass Jack Jice story, cause I know you be chill’n with him. 

I’ve been spending everyday with Jack Jice lately – He’s very intense. I’ve never seenhis face – and that was strange at first because I’ve never worked with anyone who goes as far as he does to conceal their identity. He hired me to document him. Basically… he tells me stories and we buildon creative ideas. He knows a lot of peopleand has a lot of resources to do what he wants to do. Look out for “Dark Redemption” story soon. Film in progress.
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Shout outs?  
Arm – Leg – Leg – Arm – Head, True Math Fam, Get Fam, Timlmtd, Brevi One and Cubs, 12Pack Crew, PTI Crew, S.L.B., Nick and Joey @ Filmore/Diamond, Kevin, Hunter @ Nike Skateboarding, Kevin, Courtney, Chris @ Stereo Sound Agency, Geoff, Janessa, Victor, Jim, and Gregor @ WE/SC LA, Chaves, Razul and the L.C.O.B., Wu-Tang, N.G.E., HADJ, Joaquin Agallar, Akbar, Brotha Rico, Dom, Dan and the Bklyn House Fam, Kayo Dist Friends and Family, Darren at N.B.C., Drum, Mason Dixon and Aya, Goldn’ Plus One, Michelle and Madonna (Thanks for the Lesson). Chris Hall, Patone 89 and Parakahn the Omnigod (Thanks for the Tracks), Mistezo, Quang Ou, and Master WuWei and Xiao Xing, and that Thing that created us all.
Hit me with a Low Pro Hero Quote-
The secret is locked inside one grain of sand – there are as many grains of sand as there are moments in time. How many do you sweep away?  

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  1. patone89 says:

    Yeah man,

    Been working on that video! Your gonna trip. Check out that link I sent you and sign into my workshop/ftp. There is a video/intro/outro… Just a small glimpse..


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