Feel like every time I post I’m apologizing for not posting enough. Get off my back Tim!

So I broke down and actually bought the Girl Boxset. Goldfish through the Chocolate Tour with an extra dvd of random extras. I can’t get enough. How many times can you watch a video? Got me thinking. First video I ever got was back in the eighties, I’m guessing 87-88, called Curb Dogz. I’m pretty sure I randomly found it at pic and save. I guarantee it didn’t cost more than a couple bucks cause no way was Mom spending more than that on something silly like that. This was before I knew anything about the skateboard scene at all. I doubt I saw mags, probably knew Tony Hawk and McTwist and ollie. Copers were sick. I was having discussions about the value of lappers. I was riding a flourescent orange board from the swapmeet that said “locals only!” on top and “Skate or go home!” on the bottom. That was a step up from the Eagle graphic I previously had. Anyway, I couldn’t tell you a single person that was in Curb Dogz, but I can tell you I loved it. Launch ramps, street plants, on cars even, betties, teen shralpage. So great. This world I was looking at looked so great.

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