Low Pro Hero – Brevi One Shorty


Brevi One Shorty is the shit! Hands down the illest female MC on the streets. Don’t beleive me? You better ask somebody! There are a ton of half steppin toy ass wanna be MC’s, especially female MC’s. We’ve all seen ’em. Some are B-girls that should have stuck to breakin’ and some are commercial favorites that should have stayed on Kids Incorporated. Either way you spin it, Brevi brings truth, humor, realness, sarcasm and an undeniable sound that will always keep you wanting more. If you ever get the chance to watch a live show, it will be well worth the money, just try not to get jacked on your way from the car to the entrance, it’s like that! AF recently caught up with Brev One, here’s what she had to say-

Hey Brev, how you livin?
I’m good man. Busy. Very busy. Things are good though.

What are you up to these days?
Getting over a bit of a hiatus, so I’m gearing up for the re-launch of Brevi.
Been doing the family thing which is great.

Have you been performing much?
Not at all. As soon as the album drops I’ll be setting up some show dates.

When can we expect a full length Brevi album?
Right now I’m working on a full length LP. It always takes longer than expected. As of now I’m pushing for May. Definitely in time for summer.

How long you been in the rap game and how did you get into it?
I’ve been in the “rap game” before I knew what it was. I started rapping and writing music at about 14-15. At that time, the “game” part wasn’t even in effect like it is today. I wrote poems as a kid so I always had that element. Also, I was always onstage as a youngster. My mom was a bartender that had a lot of entertainer friends and I would always get up onstage with them in the local bars and festivals. Yeh, I was a ham. The first time I recorded anything was around 1994 when a few homies brought over a four-track to the crib and they were laying down their little verses and wanted me to get down. So I wrote my little verse and dropped it and I remember them all being surprisingly impressed. I think it was that little taste of recognition that told me I was good at something. I guess that was all it took. None of us really “rapped” at the time, but that’s what we were doing. I would pay serious money to get a hold of that recording..
Are you linked up with any labels, crews, producers or are you more of a soloist?
I’m not a signed artist as of now, I’m a free agent. I’m a soloist, straight up. I’ve never been a part of a crew. I don’t have the access to make beats so I’m always working with other producers nonexclusively. I like that. It gives me a lot of freedom to do what I want.

What’s your take on the current state of hip-hop?
Hip hop is SO massive right now. I would only want to state facts so I could only say that hip hop is the true American Mainstream right now, be it music, fashion, life-style..  The state of hip hop is just that.. it’s just blown up huge.  It’s crazy.

Any shout outs?
Naw. Not really. Still on the Low Pro Tip right now. 

Low Pro Hero Quote?
“Fuck What You Heard, Brevi One Runs Shit.”

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