Why’d You Leave?

I generally spend my time hanging out with guys that still skate. Even if occasionally. Time is so limited day to day that squeezing in skateboarding essentially rules out alot of other activities. I told myself I would surf this summer. I did. Once. I went to the beach a number of times, but it was time I was trying to spend with my girl. Instead of surfing I body surfed or body boarded. Activities I could do with her. Outside of that when I’ve had an hour or two and the option was go struggle surfing or struggle skating, I went skating. That’s what you do. So you end up hanging with the people you are around. Other guys that still skate.

The other night I went to a friends 31st birthday party. The group was essentially the crew I hung with in high school. All these guys skated at some point. None of them do anymore. Over the couple of hours I was there probably half my conversations revolved around skateboarding. It was pretty rad. It was like I was delivering a news report on current conditions in skating. Jason Dill? He’s doing this. Who rips? Daewon. You heard Little Tony (Cervantes) got on Zero? Yeah, dude he’s ripping. On and on. They were so psyched to hear Guy Mariano was in the middle of a “comeback”. Pretty rad. Got hit up for a couple of boards. A whole lot of “man I miss it”. Hopefully we can get these dudes out on a mini. So why’d you leave?


When asked who was killing it Busenitz topped my list.

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