Sickest Ever!

Growing up, it was an impossibility to get a new deck out of my parents more than once a year. No money to do it. It wasn’t really a concern when I was little. You would just run your board ’till there was nothing left. Enter the Ray Barbee Patchwork deck. You know the one. The sickest one of all time. I was eleven. I hung out at Skate Cafe, the local shop, every day. Every day. I had seen the Ray Barbee on the wall and looked at it, and looked at it, and looked at it. The colors, the character, all of it was so sick looking to me. I loved the board, but knew there was no way I was going to get it, so I didn’t think about the board beyond simple admiration.

So I am at Skate Cafe one day and in walks this guy with a brand new Ray Barbee set up. Black, red and grey colors on the deck and matching black, red and grey Powell wheels. What were the bigger Powell wheels called? In typical kid fashion, I had to ask. “Can I see your board?” I wasn’t gonna take it outside. Laid this precious thing I’d been longing for down on the carpet, stepped to it, and cracked the biggest ollie I had ever ollied. Whoa. Looked at my buddies, to see if they’d seen. I couldn’t believe it. The perfect board. Ollied again, same thing. “Dude, I ollie so good on this board!” Now granted, this is all going on in the mind of an eleven year old, but it was happening. I wanted this board so bad. I thought about how perfect skating would be with it. Positive I could ollie 3 boards. Fer sher.
I thought and thought about this thing. Looked at every Patchwork deck that came by, and waited for the day. By the time b-day rolled around the Ray Barbee wasn’t at either of the shops my dad took me to. I got a Ron Chatman Experience deck instead. I never got the Ray board. I gotta search one out.


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