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Information flood. Video, word, news, pics, music, web relationships. Every single day the web is inundated with new bits of material form any of the billions of people who decided to spend the time to add something to the information mix. It is pretty amazing. I definitely have the tendency to hate on things pretty quickly, but I must admit, as I’ve thought about what this means I’m growing to gain a great hope in the possibility this provides. The ability to record music, edit films and so on is readily accessible. The studio and editing lab has been shrunk to the ever reducing size of a computer. What a perfect time for this to explode. When the music industry no longer is built around searching out artistry but rather in the creation of product which has been focused grouped to death. When the vast majority of radio stations are owned by a powerful few that live by the playlist rather than by the ear of the dj. And sadly, when it seems even in the skate industry the look of the team is given consideration over respecting the ability and creativity of the skateboarder. Thank goodness it is easier than ever to find the real goods and to participate in the creative landscape. No excuses. Try your hand at recording something. Edit yourself a shitty video part with the song you always thought would be perfect. Believe me, its fun. Go look for some beautiful photos. Lay off the porno search for a couple of hours and find something worthwile.

Check out this article by one of the all time faves, Ocean Howell.


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