Time On Our Side?

School, work, family. It is so hard to have the time to put into things outside of this. There is an episode of First Hand on Fuel TV that is playing right now of Daewon Song. It is really good. Obviously Daewon is ridiculous on a skateboard so any Daewon footage is worth watching. But beyond this over the course of the time spent filming the piece Daewon is skating primarily with friends who aren’t professional skateboarders. Dudes that have to work for a living. Reflecting on this fact Daewon says that this makes him feel lucky. It is clear how much Daewon still loves skateboarding. You can see it. No dude, like he really loves it. And he sees this same appreciation in the group of people he is skating with. These guys don’t have all day to roll around but they work it out so that skateboarding can still be a big part of their lives. From his buddy with the wife and kids, who takes one day a week to session with the boys, to Kyle Mitchell who has built himself a little skaters paradise at his home, these guys are making it happen. It made me psyched to see that. Continuing his comments on these guys Daewon talks about how seeing these guys doing what they have to do to still skate into the time stealing reality of adulthood almost makes him feel obliged to be skating hard for them. I believe he says something to the effect that he needs to be “ripping to not look like a chump in front of them.” I don’t know how many guys out there who are skating for a living take this kind of attitude. Maybe a lot do. But it is nice to hear someone in that position say that. Clearly skateboarding will always primarily be done by a pretty young population, but as time goes on maybe the numbers of guys doing it into their twenties and thirties and on will grow. Make it happen. Time certainly is not on our side.

The biggest reason to check out the episode is the reality altering skating of Rob White of La Mirada, California. Dude blew it out with one trick. Wallie feeble grind, yo? I’m saying. Your endless dedication to slappie tricks from Coast all the way to the big time does not go unnoticed. All of us here at Artform would like to congratulate you. On top of the world baby!

Congratulations to Jamel Robinson on the birth of his first son.

Welcome Danny and Aaron. I feel like you are prodigal sons coming home.

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