Where Skateboarders Go To Die

I don’t have any desire to hate on any person who is out there having a good time. I only speak for myself. The 25+ crowd needs to get out of the skatepark for a second and go roll around some street. Unless you come from the earliest of the 1980’s scene you came up street skating. I’m calling b.s. on anyone who says that is not true. Street skating was the culture and that is what everyone did. At least on the West Coast, with parks being as few and far between as they were throughout the 80’s and 90’s street was the option. So, why has the migration of us elderly gentlemen into the skatepark taken people completely away from the street? It is easy to get stuck. Skatepark is always there. You know you aren’t going to get rolled. Unless you don’t wear you safety gear. I hope your not wearing full gear. Parks are easy to skate. The ledges grind and you don’t have to hop a fence to get there. Although, when looking at a lot of the dudes at the parks it is seriously questionable wether they are even trying to hit the angle ironed ledges. The point is not to hate on parks. Parks are great. For the generation that grew up without them it is great to be able to pick up some of the tranny skill that was hard to do in the eras gone by. Parks are fun and easy. Just don’t get stuck. The “street is too hard on my body now” excuse is terrible. There are countless guys still shralping street and progressing beyond their young gun years. Take your lazy, fat ass out, hop a fence, wax a ledge, bomb a hill, push through traffic, slam in front of a crowd, get kicked out of somewhere. Don’t be puss.


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1 Response to Where Skateboarders Go To Die

  1. Tim says:

    Probably one of the best parts since Day in LA

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