I’ve been really psyched on the four duos montages coming out of Texas every month. Nice to see people doing their thing just to do it. Got me thinking about my trips to Texas.

I have a brother who lives in Houston. He married a girl from out there who has a little brother. This little brother was getting into skateboarding when I first met him. 4 or 5 years ago. Its always a pleasure to hook a little skater up, so I would try to get him boards and whatnot whenever I saw him. First time I went out to visit I was psyched to see how into it he was. You never know if a kid is really down for the long haul, but Mikey was. So, got out there and all he wanted to do was skate. I was more than happy to be shown around. Ended up skating one of my favorite spots ever. Mikey tells me he heard about an old abandoned family park, fun center thing. Not sure what exactly to call it. Miniature golf and arcades kind of thing. So this place had been knocked down and what was left was a large slab of concrete in the middle of a forest that skaters had taken over. Sounded rad. He wasn’t sure what was there or if it would be worth it but to a socalian the idea of any open space that could be taken over sounded unreal. *sidenote: Tim and me are looking for a spot for some boxes and benches right now. Email if you have a spot.* Drove around for a while looking. Pulled over on the side of a small road that looked like the place his buddies described and walked into the trees. There it was. Just like heaven. Maybe. An arrangement of dilapidated obstacles where nobody was gonna bother us. Beautiful. Classic. Quarter pipe that had a hole/crack so large you could only go straight up and down in about a foot of space. Not sure but might have been pvc coping. A box. A saw horse. Couple flat bars. Slant ramp. One of the funnest sessions ever. I’m not sure who said it first, but I’ve heard people describe growing up skating in the eighties and early nineties as being in on a secret. That is very true. That aspect made it special. It felt like a personal experience that just a small club belonged to. Made it rad. This hidden spot, with beat ramps and boxes was so fun partly because of that. Secret spot. I had been let in on it. Thanks Mikey. Texas kids keep doing your thing. We’ll try to keep up our end on the west.


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