In the Jerry Hsu Epicly Later’d episode he points out the first handrail he ever slid. I think he noseslid it. It looked like it was a fourstair, extremely steep and epicly short. Super about new lingo. Anyway it got me thinking about my first rail. Does anyone older than twenty five actually enjoy skating these things? Maybe. Nobody I know. In my experience it has always been something you did when you were small and super excited to try anything. That is what it was for me. Anyway, the first rail I ever did was almost exactly like the Jerry Hsu rail. Maybe 3 stairs, extremely steep and hella short. I walked up to the thing, cavemanned my fishtail Tony Magnussen and my 100 pound little body up to it, gave it a little dink and rolled away. So excited. So funny. I think I sat there basking in the glory of being the first among my crew (Jose and Greg I miss you guys) to take it there. I’m totally going to be the gnarly guy in the crew. Yeah, Jose will be tech, Greg will be wussy and I’ll be gnarly. Slid the darn thing a few more times with my buddies telling me I was getting on at least at the second stair and that was that for the day. If I recall correctly, I think I only skated maybe 4-6 handrails since that first one. That is at least 16 years! I’m not sure if that is embarrasing or not. The next one, which was probably six stairs, and I slid trying to show the older dudes I could hold it down, kicked my arse pretty good. We all blamed it on my rails. Two other ones beat me up good too. Thought I broke my arm once. Rail dive to the chest once. Anyway, I guess being the gnarly one didn’t work out. I hate skating rails so much.


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