Good Trip

Just got back from a couple days in the Bay Area. There really is something that sets the City apart. I first moved to Berkeley with my girl in 2001, got into San Francisco a year later and have moved between there and L.A. off and on since then. Now, I’m sure nobody actually cares too much about one guys story of moving around, but, it is worthwhile to encourage people to leave home. I have heard, time and again, from people who’ve made the choice to leave their hometown, country, etc, reflect on the difference they feel when they return where they came from between them and those who never did step out. The U.S. is more the exception than the rule among the economically succesful nations of the world when it comes to travel and numbers of Americans leaving home for at least a little while. The Japanese travel like crazy. In many European countries it is almost expected that a young person will spend a year traveling before college. But here we are. Going as far as Disney World and Hawaii. Obviously, traveling and moving away from home are two different things, but I think what stops many people from venturing away from the nest is feeling like its permanent. It isn’t. It’s not that hard to move back, or move to the next place, or never go back. But the experiences never come without making some moves.
Seeing old friends in San Francisco these past few days reminded me of how much I’ve gained from the experience. How many people I am connected to apart from the guys I grew up with. Life would be very different had I never left.
Get out. Leave home for a while. Study abroad. Take a trip. Pick a city. I recommend San Francisco or Whittier.
Shout out to my S.F. people. James Crosby (NY), Nick Truax (NY), English James Brason, Dan D’Angelo (NY), Matt DSPB (NY), Jersey Joe Worldwide.
And to my Gateway High skate club: UPON GRADUATION, LEAVE HOME.

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