Some Thoughts On An Hour At The Park

Skated Chino Skatepark for about an hour. Actually probably skated half the time and watched the happenings for the other half.

Thought 1: Man these kids are good. A good number of these kids are seriously shralping tranny hard bro. Huge airs. Fast, long grinds. Good lip tricks. Street course killers handling back noseblunts, lofty flips, ridiculous board control, etc, etc, etc. How exactly does progression work?

Thought 2: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before. The betties are hanging tough. Maybe tougher than ever. It was pretty hilarious watching the different girl troops. The middle school bunch was making a seriously loud effort to be a part of the happenings. A few with skateboards in hand. Only one dropped in. The high school squad sat. Just sat and let their dudes come to them. The initial ebb and flow towards and away from them turned into a substantial post up as the fellas put in time to let them know there is space in their hearts for more than shredding.

Thought 3: I think there were more skateboarders at this one park in this one hour than there were in all of the cities around were I grew up combined. Easily 100+. So much of the dynamic of being a skateboarder in the eras gone by was being alone. Finding a few who were actually doing what you were. Who were in on the secret. There was a liberating feeling of seperateness that you embraced to be part of this new thing. I wonder how it is now.

Do yourself a favor:
Go to and check out the focus group trailer.
Oaktown represent. Damn, I miss the Bay Area.

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