The Beauty of the Little Guy

The video that popped up from some skateshop in Florida you’d never heard of that was so good.
The first article you read about a group of locals in NY
who were doing a company called 5Boro that turned out to be a favorite. I love when that happens. The beauty of the little guy is he’s only doing what you
could be doing. I have my favorites. A great
deal of time in my life has been spent reading about and watching the Kostons, and Marianos and Sanchezes, etc
doing what I will never do. I’m still not
touching Guy’s part in Video days much less any other part.
Damn impossibles. But obviously, there is more to appreciate in skateboarding than just
unfathomable talent. A skateboarder with serious style (not the whirlybirding and hand dragging out of every trick
that’s passing for style currently). The vibe of
a session of skateboarders mashing around. The hometown hero who never cared enough to make it happen.
Watching your buddy finally work that trick out (i.e.Tim Martinez, switch back tail, “In Memory”, dlxsf shop video). All of these are things the little guy brings to the table. There is a world that exists outside of what the photographers and filmmakers can find and fit in front of their lenses. We hope to
represent some of that world outside the lens of
the few magazines that are out there. God bless the little guy.

Not all these blogs will be a feeling fest.
We’ll try to get content from around town and keep it lively.

Do yourself a favor:
Transworld 25th anniversary issue
Adidas skateboarding 2007 flow team footage
parts one [youtube=”> and two

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  1. Kory says:

    Artform is the shit…

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